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Meet our Horses

The horses are the heart of our program here at WAYR. One of Gods most magnificent creatures, horses are intuitive beings. Horses can be an emotional mirror for humans. They respond to how we feel.

Horses are herd and prey animals, which means that they have a strong emotional sense and use this sense as a survival tool; they feed off of and respond to other horses in the herd. If one horse in a herd is scared, the others will become frightened. They respond similarly to humans. If a person approaches a horse with anger, the horse will respond by shying away or becoming fearful. Horses never hide their emotions. Because of these qualities, horses can be used to help people heal from a variety of psychological issues.

Horses are majestic animals that are wonderful simply to be with. Horses are gentle and honest; they do not have the ability to manipulate or lie. One common healing technique that is often used for people who were abused is to put them with a large horse and allow them to interact. Very often, the person may break down in tears and say something like, “I’ve never been treated this kindly by anything so big.”  This is an experience the person can then take into the human world.  Read on to meet our majestic herd of therauputic equines.

Our Horses: Meet the Team


"Manchee" Commanchee Allen Warrior

Approx. 25 YO

Paint/Walking Horse

Manchee is the head of the herd and wants to be sure that everyone knows he is in control! Yet, he is a gentle leader with his large presence. He loves kisses, treats and lots of attention. He arrived with Cass 10 years ago.


"Cass" Cassanova

Black Rocky Mountain Walker

Approx. 23 YO
"Cass" is a sweet reserved soul. He is quite shy and particular in who he chooses! He has suffered abuse from humans in the past yet, has come to love his barn an his herd at WAYR. He finally has a sense of belonging! We have had "Cass" for 7 years.




Paint horse

Passed Away in 2019
Rio was a once and a lifetime kind of horse. However, he is now running in beautiful green pastures in heaven.


"Norman" Stormin' Norman 

Quarter Horse

Passed Away in 2020
Norman was the wise one. He was a retired cutting horse that served his owners well. However, he was put out to pasture because he was too old. WAYR gave him all the TLC he could manage. WAYR rehabilitated him with diet upgrades and brought in a seeing eye donkey to help him around the pasture as his sight was diminishing.





Approx. 23 YO

Copperhead, our gentle giant, joined us in 2019, arriving rather timid and undernourished. Since then, he's blossomed into quite the charmer. Although shy at first, Copperhead is finding his confidence and is a wonderful addition to our program. We fondly call him our "big baby", as he loves to gently licking our hands— much like a security blanket. He's truly a beautiful addition to our family, a whispering angel bringing joy to all who meet him.



Tennessee Walking Horse

Approx 21 YO

When Dusty first arrived at WAYR, he was very scared of people, which at times resulted in defensive behavior. He became a special project for us, as we were determined to show him that our intentions were filled with love, hoping he would in turn share that love with children. Over time, Dusty has made remarkable progress, revealing his soft heart and tender spirit. Dusty's journey has been enlightening for our staff, teaching us invaluable lessons about the true essence of loving a horse and the profound impact it can have on both the horse and those around him.

DD Diva Digging for Gold.jpg


"DD"- Diva Digging for Gold

Quarter Horse

Approx 18 YO
DD was bred for Western Pleasure and was sent to many trainers in her early years. In the midst of this she became very head/halter sour. It was found that she likely received some abuse in the midst of this training because she would not perform. A dear friend of the ranch acquired her and settled her before donating her to the ranch. DD loves pampering and lots of treats. She is the princess of the ranch with a quiet and intuitive spirit.


Mini Paint Donkey

Approx. 6 YO
Noel was a gift to the ranch Christmas of 2019 for our horse, Norman. Norman needed assistance with navigating because he was slightly blind. It seemed that the very moment they met, it was love at first sight. Noel knew exactly why she was brought to the Ranch. Years later, after Norman's passing, Noel became the feature of "Noel Finds her Purpose!" - a children's book written by WAYR founder, Marie Allen. She is loved. by all!




Quarter Horse

Approx. 18 YO

Dakota is a gentle "alpha" within the herd, setting an example through his calm leadership. His approach is one of quiet strength, leading by the power of his actions. He exhibits immense kindness towards children, conveying his affection through his soft eyes and gentle nuzzles. Dakota's fondness for cookies and treats is matched only by his love for hugs and kisses, making him a cherished companion for all..



Paint Horse

Approx. 16 YO
River is a quiet soul who is very fond of children. His deep blue eyes tell a story and his gentle spirit makes him a wonderful companion for children who feel uncertain around large animals. 



Mini Paint Horse

Approx 5 YO
Well, the name says it all. Pistol is all fire and personality and will make anyone feel welcome at the Ranch. He is currently under the "mentorship" of our senior miniature horse, Annie. 



Black Fresian

Passed away in 2021

Can you say, fairytale horse? Fonger is our largest horse on the grounds. He came to the US from the Netherlands when he was a year old. He has a puppy dog personality and just wants love and affection. We just love his sweet spirit.



Paint Pony

Passed away in 2023

This little guy has been around and ministered to many children over the years. He has a sweet spirit, but definitely will let you know if he hasn't gotten any treats. 



Tennessee Walking Horse

Approx 27 YO
Son is our "wise old man". He is clever enough to open a carabiner clip on a gate and even shut it behind him!  Son arrived with Dusty at WAYR and were initially very wary of people.  At WAYR, we taught them how to be loved and accepted again. 




Paint Horse

Passed away in 2023

Scout is our oldest horse. He is the most gentle soul with a very wise spirit about him. He is one of our most recent additions at he ranch.


"Honestly Good"

AQHA Quarter Horse

12 YO

Si is the youngest horse at the ranch and he is full of spunk and personality! We call him our "puppy dog" as he is always getting into something. Whether it's the cookie jar on the grooming cart or a pen in your back pocket, Si will do his best to find something to play with. 

image0 (1).jpeg


Miniature Paint Horse

Approximately 27 YO

Annie came to the ranch after retiring from the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. She is a very sweet little lady and loves children very much. She is currently mentoring Pistol, our very young and inexperienced mini horse. 


Buckskin Quarter Horse

Approx. 26 YO

Lobo is a seasoned "pro" here at the ranch. He devoted his time to serving children a decade ago during the earliest years of WAYR. In 2023, he was generously donated to the ranch to enjoy his "golden years" basking in the love of children. Lobo exudes a gentle spirit evident in his expressive eyes and delights in entertaining, often nodding in response to questions!

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